About Keychains with living animals in them, as seen on chinese markets.You wouldn’t buy a keychain with a living baby in it, would you? Then why buy a keychain with a living goldfish, turtle or salamander in it? Living creatures trapped in a tiny bag of plastic for a price of about 1,50$. Sellers tell people, they can live up to two months in their keychain, while they will actually die after two days. These animals are not only terribly stressed because of the shaking and the fear they feel, but also don’t have enough air and food and therefore choke and starve in their tiny prisons.
(Picture by Pestdoktor)

This is awful and totally unnecessary.

Yep im that kinda guy, or would wanna dance like a fool in it with her.

[Picture set of comedian Wanda Sykes: ‘If you don’t believe in same sex marriage, then don’t marry somebody of the same sex.’]